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Tassili For Inclusive Oil Services .LTD (TIOS) is a company that provides a wide range of services both locally and internationally in the fields of oil, gas & renewable energy.
Here at TIOS we value efficiency, flexibility, reliability and availability, our team of expertise are trained to handle all sorts of challenges in the industry.
In order to achieve high standard functional requirements our team is capable of performing a top tier level mechanical, electrical technical & construction services, besides carrying out geological and reservoir studies. Our services list includes:

  • Drilling oil wells and performing maintenance works for existing wells.
  • Installation and maintenance of drilling equipments.
  • Installation & maintenance of oil and gas supply systems, including tanks, pipeline stations & pumps, also providing cathodic protection needed for safe transportation process.
  • Performing interior coating of wells, mud services & drilling fluids processes.
  • Preparing oil fields & offshore platforms for the  oil & gas extraction process.
  • Provision of maintenance for oil refineries & petrochemical factories.
  • Cleaning services for tanks & oil pools.
  • Provision of transportation services for all sorts of materials, equipment & machines, via all possible manners in the region.
  • All complementary works needed for achieving the company's services.

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